Aran Hakki

CTO & Founder

MEng Systems Engineering, Warwick University
Accenture – Mobile Development
Instinet (a Nomura company) – Algorithmic Trading
QA – Senior Learning Consultant

His niche is his ability to innovate through having a broad range of technical and creative skills, combined with a logical and intuitive grasp of Software Engineering, Architecture,
Multi-threading, High Performance, Algorithms, Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Mathematics, and being able to attract the attention of talented individuals.

Sam Raza

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer at Strata (Comcast) 2015 – Present
Full-stack developer experienced in creating and supporting highly scalable fault tolerant distributed system using different IAAS platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean.
A polyglot but mainly working in Python, Nodejs and Linux / Powershell.
Have experience supporting Windows & Linux.
Experience in middle management.

Dr. Lianheng Tong

Academic Advisor

Expert in Parallel Computing
UCL – PhD in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
University of Cambridge – Advanced studies in Mathematics
University of Edinburgh – Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Savva Kerdemelidis

Commercial/IP legal adviser

Over the last decade he has worked for various startups and international technology companies based in the US, UK, EU, NZ and AU. He has a LLM (1st Hons) and BSc (2:1 Hons, Animal Physiology) from the University of Canterbury (NZ). Savva has a particular interest in the potential for machine learning, big data and wearables to improve health outcomes.