is a specialist Java consultancy for high-performance mission-critical enterprise applications,
with domain expertise in Algorithmic Trading, and have a huge wealth of back-end systems experience.
We can gather requirements, design, build and deploy complex distributed systems which support a high level of parallelism.
We apply and research technologies for machine learning, high-performance computing (including GPU & FPGA) and
systems development in general.

We offer consulting and can develop custom applications and integrations improving your business technology and
can offer the balance between fixed cost and managed services that works for your business.

To discuss a possible project email us at

Algo Trading

Steer your strategies using indicators,
Market News & Machine Learning


We can implement bespoke Event-driven systems for Risk and Trading engines

Real Time

Experienced in high performance systems, both high throughput and low-latency


Proving a systems has no faults removes Operational / Regulatory Risk

Data Streams

Multiple concurrent data streams

Fault Tolerance

Via clustered solutions in the cloud or privately on your premises