A new concise computation framework for writing Java code that offers automated and testable parallelization. The LogicBox runtime can be easily configured to run in a single process or distributed across a cluster for scalability, fault-tolerance and redundancy.


A market data simulator and collection of trading signal algorithms based on technical trading strategies and machine learning, including risk-return optimization using k-means initialized histograms, ARIMA, dynamic noise-reduction, and novel implementations for fourier transform based prediction and exponential probabilistic weighted histograms.


A fully automated, Java based, trading system created from the ground up to trade a large number of concurrent orders in both simulated and live environments. The system has been designed with monte-carlo optimization trading in mind. The system features an integrated Risk manager which dynamically vetos trading decisions based on configurable exposure limits. The system can output real-time data plots for any value within the Java process, and can be customized to meet your complex automated trading needs.

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